• Responsible for design and installation of the MV & LV distribution systems
  • Responsible for design and installation of ELV systems (Fire Alarm, Building Management System, Lighting Automation, ICT )
  • Responsible for controlling subcontractor facilities for ELV systems (CCTV, Access Control, Multimedia Systems
  • Responsible to prepare Method statements, Material submittals, Test & Commissioning procedures, Final Documentation (handover) for LV and ELV systems
  • Electric technical office and field processing method
  • Electric project accuracy control
  • O/G-A/G connection and distribution project applications
  • Communication with electric supply companies
  • Technical archive documents and file
  • Control of the application according to the projects
  • As-built project drawings and control of the correspondence
  • Follow and control of the purchases, selection of the materials according to the project
  • Development of the work and personnel programmes
  • Deliver of the systems to the principle downloader and coordination of the system slopes